Jets Owner Woody Johnson Has a Chance to Save Face

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The issue is the opposition. Coach Ryan doesn’t want to participate. He understands that the locker room is out of control, and needs to be reigned in. With the personalities they already have, and now adding Tim Tebow, Rex understands that their will already be a whole lot of drama surrounding the Jets this summer. The media will have questions, and the questions will not stop all of camp.

Woody Johnson can make a bold statement by withdrawing the Jets’ interest in “Hard Knocks” immediately. With his coach not interested, he would gain a lot of credibility by backing out. He would show that he is backing his team. He would show that he actually is about “winning games”.

He can save face, in the wake of his recent comments.

If he doesn’t, whether or not the Jets end up on the show, Woody Johnson will clearly be showing the world that he is about headlines and not about winning.

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