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Jets Linebacker Bart Scott Now "Can't Wait" to Come Back

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“I know it’s going to work, I’m 100 percent confident,” he said. “All the experts, they don’t understand. They assume what our locker room was like, but they don’t know. It’s the same locker room that had success the year before and the year before.”

First of all, it’s pretty obvious that he is sugar coating the locker room situation. We heard all of the griping last season, it was played out in the media. We saw the situation on the field in week 17. The fact that the locker room is having problems is not in dispute, nice try Bart.

Secondly, it’s nice that Bart Scott is getting back into shape, and looking forward to a better year for the team. He is a team guy and that is great. But you know what I “can’t wait” for? Bart to start making tackles. What didn’t you hear very often during games last year? “Bart Scott makes the tackle.” Bart, make plays, and you will be on the field more. How’s that for an idea?

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