The New York Jets Cannot Bring Back Braylon Edwards

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The issue is character. The Jets have shown, contrary to what they believed, they cannot coach every type of person. Character is an issue in the locker room. We saw that last season. The locker room is in “disarray”. The best player on the team, Darrelle Revis, says so. The chemistry is not there, period, and that needs to be fixed.

For all his success, Braylon Edwards had his off the field problems here. Remember his DUI arrest, which left him not in a good light. He is not known as being a very good locker room guy either.

The 49ers would rather have Randy Moss than him. That’s really telling.

Could the Jets recapture the previous chemistry if they brought back Braylon Edwards? Possibly. He certainly performed well on the field. But the more likely scenario is that Edwards will make the locker room greatly combustible. The Jets didn’t want to bring him back. The 49ers chose Randy Moss over him. You can’t go backwards.

Do not bring Braylon Edwards back. Please.

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