Rex Ryan explodes at Jets offense in meeting

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“Yeah . . . well not quite that extensively. . . . But, yeah, we’ve been yelled at before.”

“He said, ‘Our running game’s gonna be back, that’s gotta happen,’ ” Slauson said. ” ‘I don’t care if we have to run it 60 times a game.’ ”

“I haven’t seen the room like that since [the Monday following] New England in Week 13 or whenever it was.”

Speaking of New England, this week’s opponent, Slauson said Ryan brought them up as well.

“He did say that we’re gonna get it fixed, and we should be excited to play the Patriots because everyone’s counting us out, and we get a chance to beat them now,” Slauson said.

“We need to get our identity back as a running team that throws after the fact,” Slauson said.

When asked about the comments made by Joe Namath who criticized Santonio Holmes for his public calling out of the offensive line,  Slauson stuck up for Holmes.

“We don’t care one bit about what Joe Namath has to say,” Slauson said. “He means nothing to us.”

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