Jets Rex Ryan's Monday Interview with the Media

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On Monday New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan addressed the media.  Here is the transcript courtesy of the Jets.

Opening Statement…

First off, I’m wearing the Titans stuff because we are 5-1 in those throwbacks. That went according to plan, so that was good. Plus it was a 4x, so I feel good about that. Injury update, Nick (Mangold) did have his MRI and it showed a high ankle sprain. So I would say his status for the game would be, I assume, very iffy. I don’t think it looks very good as far as playing this week. But, with that being said, he thinks he can go. And he’s started (82 consecutive regular season games). We’ll see how it progresses. I wouldn’t count him out. He’s a tough guy, but the trainers will always do what’s in the best interests of the player and we’ll never put a guy out there that shouldn’t be out there. With that said, I think it’s iffy whether he plays or not. With all due respect to Nick, there’s where we are on that. Eric Smith and David Harris and Santonio (Holmes), they’re no worse now than they were, so I think that’s a good sign that they’ll play. I hope to get them better and be ready to roll, so we’ll find out. Other than that, I can’t think of any other injuries off hand right now.

On Mangold’s high ankle sprain and if it could be a long-term injury…

I guess you’re always concerned when you get an ankle, but I guess if you asked Nick the question, he thinks he can go. We’ll see. Things affect guys differently. I’m sure if he were a running back, that would hold true. The fact that he has to run in a small area, we’ll see. It’ll be interesting now, because as being the head coach of the Jets, he’s always been the center. It’s Mangold. He’s always going to be out there. Just like Brandon Moore, he’s always going to be out there. D’Brickashaw (Ferguson too). I hope he can go, but we’ll see.

On if there’s a risk of swelling if Mangold returns too early…

That’s something, again, that’s why you put it in the trainers’ hands. The players, a lot of times, from the competitiveness of the guys, (it’s like) “I have to go”.  You have to lean on the experts on this, and that’s what we’ll do.

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