Plaxico Burress fails to catch a pass in Jets victory

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It’s so much that he didn’t make a catch in the New York Jets 32-3 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday, and it it’s that Mark Sanchez only appeared to target him twice all game, it’s that WR Plaxico Burress is not worried about it at all.

Previously hearing the name Plaxico Burress brought thoughts of guns, 20 months at Oneida Correctional Facility, and complaining at the lack of passes thrown to him.   Not this Plaxico.  Not after what he has been through.

“It’s easy for me to stay motivated, everything that I’ve been through. . . . Little things like that — it doesn’t bother me. . . . I don’t let something like that get me down. I got 14 more games to play, with a lot more in me to let loose. So when that time comes, everybody’ll see it.”

When asked if he could remember a game where he didn’t catch a pass, Burress laughed; “Yeah one. . . . I believe it was the Carolina game [the Giants] played back in . . . ’06, in the playoff game,” he said.  (The Giants lost 23-0 to Carolina and Burress blew off the season-ending team meeting the next day).

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