Rex Ryan Jets Press Conference Transcript 9/12/11

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On whether the emphasis on the pass last night was a result of the Dallas defense or a shift in the offense’s philosophy…

I  definitely don’t want to be that (a passing team).  I don’t want those  numbers to ever be like that, but games are different.  I’ll give you a  perfect example.  Last year, I was upset.  I never thought we were  running the ball enough.  We go play Detroit and I’m like, ‘We are going  to run the thing 35 times.’  Right before the game, I said, ‘Tomorrow,  we are going to run the ball 35 times.’  Schotty (Brian Schotteheimer)  is beating his head into this front and they’re pounding it in there.   The week before they had given up like 180 yards rushing and here we  are.  We can get two yards a carry.  They are just bringing them all in  there and we kept running it and kept running it.  You might recall that  game, we had about 30 rushing attempts.  When I tell our guys  something, I believe it to be true.  Schotty is great because he knows  he’s covering my back.  We’re going to have 35 rushing attempts.  I  remember going to those guys and I’m counting them myself.  That’s only  30 or 29.  I go over to our guys late in that game.  I said, ‘Well,  guys, I told you we were going to have 35 rushing attempts, and we’re  going to.  But, if it’s all the same to you, I’d just as soon win this  game.’  They’re looking at me like I’m crazy.  They’re like, “No, Rex,  we don’t care about the 35 rushing attempts.”  I wanted to make sure, if  I told them we were going to have 35 rushing attempts, then we were.   That day, I learned, as a head coach, that you have to be careful with  statements like that because that wasn’t in the best interests of the  New York Jets.  We needed to adjust what we did.  We had been beating  our head for three quarters and all we had been doing is running and  punting, so I learned right then, that I don’t need to put that on us.   Yes, I would like to run the ball better.

On when he knew he would use the no-huddle offense…

Right  before half was a great example. When we went to that no-huddle, we  kind of got them on their heels a little bit, and I thought we gained  some momentum. That was when I mentioned in to Schotty (offensive  coordinator Brian Schottenheimer) and Schotty agreed with me, that we  were going to go do that. We open up the half and try to go (with) those  three tight ends and all that. Then we knew we were going to have this  in our pocket. That’s what happened. We didn’t think our defense was  going to let them go down the field and score another touchdown the  first drive. Usually, we’re good on those first drives. We gave up a  touchdown with the opening drive of the game and the opening drive of  the second half, something we’re not accustomed to doing, but then we  went into that no-huddle attack.

On whether there was a point during the game that he thought it would have been good to have Nnamdi Asomugha…

I  don’t know if Nnamdi was going to cover that tight end or not. Maybe we  could have used him and tried him there. We tried everybody else there.  That kid (Jason Witten) is a good player. He’s a great player. The  other thing is, they had him targeted in that red zone. Our guys did a  tremendous job. We had two guys smashing him, doing a great job on him  in there. That was going to be Romo’s target. It just seemed like he was  open the whole night.

On today’s corrections after giving up 390 yards on defense…

That’s  painful. There was a few that were really disappointing to us, and  those are the ones where you make the mental mistakes. Clearly, there  was a few of those. Last year, I’ll be honest, we had, maybe as few of  mental mistakes as any defense I’ve ever been around, and that’s a  credit to Mike Pettine, Bob Sutton and DT (Dennis Thurman), and all  those guys. They do a great job. It was uncharacteristic. We made a few  mental mistakes that really cost us. Quite Honestly, Romo made a couple  of throws on us—the perfectly thrown ball is almost impossible to  defend, and he made a couple of those throws last night.

On whether he learned anything about the team after its first game…

I  knew that we had a lot of character and that we had guts. For three  years now, one thing you can say about this team, it doesn’t lack fight.  We might not win every game, and we might not play great every game,  but this team is going to give you what we have. We don’t lack courage,  fight, that temperament, and the belief that momentum’s coming our way.  That’s who we are. If we didn’t have that last night, there were several  opportunities to just let that game go, but we refused to let go of  that rope.

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