Rex Ryan Jets Press Conference Transcript 9/12/11

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Here is the Rex Ryan press conference transcript from today, courtesy of the team

Opening statement…

After  watching the film again, we still won, so I think that’s the main  thing.  It was really what we thought it was.  We had some good moments  and then there were some where it’s like, ‘Whew.’  Our correction period  went a little longer than what we normally do.  Clearly, with our  scheme, our communication or whatever the case may be, we have to do a  much better job.  You have to give Dallas credit.  They gave us some  problems, both schematically and with their personnel.  Anytime you can  make those corrections and find a way to win is a good thing because all  the focus is on you and how we’re going to fix it.  ‘If we did what we  were supposed to do on this call, this is how things would’ve looked’,  so that’s always a positive thing.

As  far as injuries looked, (there is) nothing huge.  I expect everybody to  practice.  Now, I want to show you guys, this is a typical list of  after a game (holds up sheets of paper).  When you play a physical  football game, this is what your treatment list looks like.  That’s over  two pages of treatments.  Now, that’s not the injury list, but that’s  what happens in a typical game and that’s only the first game of the  year.  It shows it was obviously a physical game, a lot of bumps and  bruises and guys getting tired and things.  We had a celebration Monday  today, which means we show the tape, we get our corrections done, we  have recovery lifts, as we call it, then we go out and we have  corrections.  Obviously, they have Tuesday off, but we like to get them  in here and move them around a little bit, get some of that general  soreness out, get some of that treatment out, get the recovery lift and  also watch the tape, get the game behind us and get the corrections in.   Then, when you move on to Wednesday, then it’s full speed ahead on (the  players).  I know teams do things differently, but that’s why we call  it a celebration Monday.  With that, I’ll open it up.

On not committing any penalties in last night’s game…

That  was a huge thing for us.  We’re trying to be (better).  Every team, I’m  sure, has that goal (of) let’s be the least-penalized team in the  league.  Now, last year especially, we ranked up there and that was when  everyone in the organization started doing pushups and all that kind of  stuff to get better.  It’s a focus thing.  We feel we can control  that.  That’s a point of emphasis this year, trying to knock those  penalties way down.  If you have to beat us physically, I think you’ll  have a tough time.  I think we have an excellent football team.  I think  we are a talented team and if we can eliminate those mental (mistakes),  eliminate the penalties, eliminate the self-inflicted wounds if you  will, then we’re going to be tough to beat.

On Mark Sanchez’s health…

I  was with him for four hours today.  He went to this event with Mike  Tannenbaum and myself in the city.  It was for charity.  He seemed fine  to me.  We all saw the game.  I’m sure he was sore.  I’m sure he was  beat up.  He’s not on the treatment list.

On possibly using the no-huddle offense earlier in the game to get Sanchez into a rhythm…

We  definitely went to it.  We thought that helped us in this game.  You  could be right.  I think we want to get out.  Sometimes, it’s a feeling  out process.  You go into a game, obviously we thought we were going to  run the ball more than we did last night, but that never happened.  You  have to give credit to my brother (Rob Ryan) and to Dallas.  They kind  of took that run away from us, so we kind of had to make adjustments.   We did a few different things with our three tight end sets and all that  kind of jazz and, at the end of the day, we thought it was best to work  on some no-huddle.  As far as starting out in it, we think we’re an  excellent running football game.  I think if you get into that  no-huddle, I think you’re more of a passing attack than we probably want  to be.  Certainly, I don’t disagree with you.  I think Mark has done a  great job in those no-huddle attacks.

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