Tannenbaum tells of how New York Jets got Plaxico Burress

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Good article this morning in the New York Post by Brian Costello on how the New York Jets got Plaxico Burress:


Courtesy of the New York Post

Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum stared at the fax machine waiting for it to ring.

It was now late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, depending on your  perspective. Tannenbaum and his staff had been working around the clock with  little sleep for days, yet no one needed a caffeine boost at this moment.

They were waiting for Plaxico Burress’ signature to appear, a fax that could  change the course of the 2011 season for the Jets. After laying the groundwork  in a meeting two years earlier and a frantic final few hours, all they could do  was wait.

afternoon.  He then took a flight from Pittsburgh to San Francisco, with a layover in Los  Angeles late that night.

That layover in Los Angeles could change Jets history.

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