Dolphins selling Jets merchandise in team store

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Only in Miami, kiddies.

Apparently the Miami Dolphins team store, in addition to its team merchandise, was selling New York Jets t-shirts that said “Home of the Jets” on them.  Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald confirmed the report to  I guess there are more Jets fans in Miami than Dolphins fans, but come one, “Home of the Jets” shirts?

UPDATE: Following Armando Salguero’s tweet the Dolphins have announced that they will no longer be selling Jets t-shirts at their team store.  

Dolphins COO Mike Dee: “You should know that, at our fan’s request, we are about to announce a new policy that we will no longer sell visiting team merchandise at the stadium on gamedays,” Dee writes. “This was a product of offseason focus groups that we did and among the topics that we covered was how we work with fans to create a better home field advantage.

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