Bart Scott attacks Patriots again

At least he keeps it interesting.

New York Jets LB Bart Scott, in an interview with New York Metro, said the New England Patriots are coming loose in an attempt to copy the Jets.

From QB Tom Brady’s comments last summer that he hates the Jets to WR Wes Welker’s new conference right before the teams’ playoff game, Scott says the Patriots are trying to be like them.

“That’s doesn’t sound right, that kind of talk. That’s when you know they’re buying into us, when they start sounding like we talk. Wes Welker start trying to be us, sounding like we do. That’s how you know they want to be us.”

Is it too early to put stuff up on the bulletin board?

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  • james

    Why would the Pats want to be like the Jets? The Pats couldn’t be any more different than the Jets.

    1. A Hall of Fame QB (unlike Jets)
    2. A Hall of Fame Coach (unlike Jets)
    3. Three Superbowl Wins (Unlike Jets)
    4. Too many to count division titles (Rex and company has ZERO)
    5. Classy (unlike Jets)

    If I were Bart Scott, I would be trying to be more like the Patriots.