The NFL dead season...

The news and notes are awfully slow in these days. How each of the players look in OTA’s really makes no difference in how they look during the season. The roster’s are incomplete, the fella’s still need to work into game shape, and the newbie’s are still learning the language.

The good news so far is Sanchez is signed, and at a reasonable price. The Jets did a nice job getting him under contract for considerably less guaranteed than Matt Ryan. This leads me to believe Sanchez will get this year to learn, which is the right thing for him.

Clowney and Stuckey are both looking to step up into the #2 WR position. The fact the Jets haven’t made a significant move for someone shows their commitment to the run…. I love it!

All reports are the defense is flying around. The guys seem to like Rex Ryan and look poised to be one of the best crews in the league.

Side Note: Dustin Keller was almost attacked by a stray pit bull… Luckily he scaled a fence to avoid injury. Guess he’s in good shape :) That’s good!

The bad: Brett Favre used the Jets for a one year route out of Green Bay on his way to the Vikings. He said he didn’t want anything to do with the Jets and then faked his way through an Interception filled season at the expense of this organization. Now he will get his wish and be with the Vikings. I hope all Jets fans will now see last season for what it was and will have a little more forethought when similar situations pop up in the future. It’s embarrassing what he did to this team and our guys. Thank goodness Thomas Jones and Kerry Rhodes stood up for the group. Looks like everyone in Green this year, wants to be here!

As always, hopes are high in June. More to come…

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