Jets get Defensive...

If you haven’t noticed, Mike Tannenbaum and the Jets brass have made an effort the past two years to build this team towards the defense. Whether it’s building the O-line so the running game can take pressure off the defense, or the moves to bring in Jenkins, Pace, Scott, Sheppard, etc… the Jets are building to be an imposing force.

The Jets are now in a position where they can try to develop the offense through the draft. I am confident the Jets will certainly provide depth to the WR, QB & RB positions through this draft. I would also not be surprised to see them draft depth along the offensive line and make an effort to get a large blocking TE in the mix. The Jets have spent the last two offseasons building the defense, and I don’t see much in the way of defense that they will need. They could always use LB depth, but the hope is Gholston will come around. The secondary now has loads of competition, and while they will draft DE or NT if the opportunity arises, I just don’t see it happening with the amount of talent on the offensive side where they will be picking.

This should be an interesting one for Gang Green. They will be jockeying with Tampa Bay to draft Josh Freeman in round one.

I think it’s a mistake for them to move… If Tampa’s willing to jump ‘em, let it happen. Raheem Morris was at K-State in Freeman’s freshman year, and if he’s willing to sell out to get the kid, it might not be worth it. Next year’s class looks better.

WR, RB & O-Line will then turn into the focus.

Actually, I fully expect Blake Griffin to be the pick… :)

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