Jets need to stay away from Cutler!!!

Why wouldn’t the Jets want a young gunslinging QB? The reason is because it goes totally against what this new regime is trying to put in place. Rex Ryan believes in winning football games by controlling the ball and playing balls to the wall defense.

Jay Cutler is a young Brett Favre. Both need to throw the ball all game long, and both need to be the center of attention. While I think Cutler is a good young QB who with the right coach could learn how to play smart football is just not that guy right now. Rumors are he has a bad attitude at times… how will that work out in NY??? Not good. The Jets receiving corps are made for a precision passing game, while Cutler’s game & arm are perfect for a vertical passing game a la Detroit or Minnesota.

Here’s the deal. The Jets should not mortgage their future on this guy. They need to use their draft picks to build towards the future. Cutler’s a good QB and will be for a long time. He’s just not the right fit for this team.

If Jets fans want Jersey sales, PSL’s to sell, then they’ll get Cutler. Otherwise, they’ll build from within.

Don’t forget folks that Tom Brady developed throwing the ball a few times a game, mostly horizontal. The Pats barely threw the ball over 5 yards in his first year. Same with Big Ben.

What does this organization want? The last decade has been full of SuperBowl champs that have won with a dominating running game, defense, and a mistake free QB. Look it up!

This stadium isn’t designed for an air attack, like it or not, the Jets need an identity and the power game is where we’re going!

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  • Ed

    Good point Bradcotter but, I have to disagree with you. During the first half of last season guess what? they didn’t throw the ball no more than 10 yards and it worked, but after the rest of the league caught up to the quick routes the Jets were utilizing what happened? the opposing defenses took that away knowing that the Jets didn’t have the receivers to spread the field and ended up missing the playoffs. In case you haven’t noticed L. Coles is no longer with the Jets and not to mention that the Jets are a team built to win now, why do you think they traded for Favre last year? you think that they need to wait for the inexperienced young guns to develop while the O Line rots? like or not Cutler is the best thing right now to compete for a title.

  • Ed

    Correction: they did throw the ball no more than 10 yards and it worked.

  • bradcotter


    The reason the passing game worked in the beginning of the year is because the running game was the focus. After Favre demanded more throws and a spread offense, the Jets fell apart, which is why I said they are built for power. Jones led the AFC in rushing without 20 carries a game. The Jets o-line was dominating people, yet Schottenheimer threw the ball with the leagues all time INT leader(40 times…in the snow?) check the game logs.

    Plus, what does L. Coles not being with the team mean? Does that automatically mean there’s a legitimate deep threat for Cutler to throw too? Is Cotchery or Keller going to beat a secondary in a footrace?

    The Jets went 8-3 last year when they ran the ball. The 3 best, most consistent games they had was St. Louis, Tennessee, and New England.

    What was consistent about those games? Thomas Jones touched the ball 25+ times. Unfortunately, those were the only games during the year that was the case.

    Favre was brought in to win, and how did that workout? Highest INT’s in the league and a late season collapse… Just like 7 of Favre’s last 10 years! Check his playoff stats, some of the worst of all time for a hall of fame QB.

    Let’s see Ed, what does that remind me of???????

    Wait, I know, Jay Cutler’s Broncos losing the last 4 games last season to miss a guaranteed playoff spot.

    Also, how many playoff wins does Cutler have? So let me get this straight, you would like to give up a first, second, and third round pick for Cutler, when the Broncos were ready to give him up for Matt
    Cassell? Think about it! Like it or not, fantasy football and the NFL are two different things. The Cutlers, Romo’s, Favre’s of the world are great TV, believe me I’m a big fan, but running, defense and ball control always win out.

    I said Favre was a mistake last year, I said Pennington was the Jets best option… Everyone else told me I was crazy.

    I think Cutler is a mistake and I don’t think there’s a chance they do it after the Favre fiasco, but if they happen too, I’ll root for him like hell. I’m just being a realist.

    Believe me, I’m as desperate as you to win a championship. I lose a year off my life every year rooting for this team, believe me, I’m on your side… I just don’t see it in this kid, not for that price. We’ll see though.

    I appreciate the points though, we’ll agree to disagree~!

  • Ed


    What L. Coles not being in the team means is that it didnt actually worked with Favre at the helm, what are we to expect from unproven QB’s in the roster without our #1 wideout? Plus, I dont think anybody can say that Favre wanted to pass the ball more because he’s Favre…..what happened is that Mangini couldnt adapt, I believe that the passing was also the focus point Bradcotter, dont you remember all the quick slant routes Cotchery, Keller, and Coles were completing at an alarming rate only for the opposing defenses to take that away what happened??? Mangini couldnt ADAPT Schotty kept trying for the same thing, is not that Favre wanted to pass all the time is the plays were to predictable that even my 14 year old knew what was coming. Cutler can’t take the fall for his record or not making the playoffs come on, the team has no defense at all and still had a what 17-20 record and over 4500 yds. not bad considereing those facts, we also need a gunslinger to battle the elements in the Meadowlands don’t you think? he picked us apart last season during bad weather. I agree, I’m tired of disappointing season behind season….but right now Cutler is better than what we have in our roster you have to clearly see that, and he’s only 25 the best is yet to come, draft a tall speedy receiver to compliment him and skys the limit, I appreciate the discussion Bradcotter!

  • Brad

    “we also need a gunslinger to battle the elements in the Meadowlands don’t you think? he picked us apart last season during bad weather.”

    I do think Cutler is a good QB for a system like Denver ran last year. Not the precision passing, power running game that this organization is trying to make their identity. Here’s my point, if you were bringing in an offensive guy a la Mike Martz who wanted to open it up, then you get a gunslinger.

    When you bring in a Rex Ryan, you are going in a different direction. They are looking to develop someone in that system. Cutler is already establish as a risk taker.

    Also, there was no reason Mangini or the rest of the 52 guys should’ve had to adapt to Brett Favre. That was the problem. He should’ve adapted to them. Favre didn’t workout the entire offseason and it showed toward the end of the year. He lost arm strength and accuracy. Thomas Jones and Kerry Rhodes came out against Favre as selfish. They are the leaders of the team and were talking for the locker room.

    Plus, here’s a neat fact that even surprised me. There have only been 3 QB’s over the last 22 Superbowl Champs that were aquired via trade. All others have been with that team since day 1.

    I’m actually watching NFL live right now, and they were talking about landing spots for Cutler. Trent Dilfer just said Tampa Bay & the Jets were terrible fits for Cutler because of their offensive system. It’s why Favre had such a hard time with it as well.

    The Jets spent the entire offseason last year building to run the ball… Faneca, Woody, Tony Richardson, Bubba Franks and at the last minute signed Favre. They specifically said they wanted him to manage the game. Unfortunately he was careless with the ball which is the #1 reason the Jets collapsed.

    Now they’ve spent the entire offseason building the defense. The philosophy is to run the ball and the clock so the defense is fresh to wreak havoc.

    To go after a gunslinging QB that will want 30 throws a game is not only counterproductive, but is exactly the opposite of the identidy they are trying to create.

    Our team hasn’t had an identity in a long time. We’re not a throwing team, a running team or a defensive team. The teams that win championships establish an identity. I’d just like to see them follow through on this one.

    I see your point, and if they want to bring in a bunch of offensive guys and try to outscore people, then I think they should mortgage the future for Cutler. But if they want to win with Defense & pounding the rock, then they stick with Rex Ryan and build from the inside out while developing either a drafted QB or one of the in house kids. Don’t forget Ratliff might be a gem.

  • Ed

    Good points, to sum it all up, I believe that a team has to be 2 dimensional, offense and defense. The Steelers, Giants, Patriots and the Colts that 1 year they won all had pretty much the best of both worlds. If the Jets need to contend for the Lombardi Trophy then they also need to beef up the offense is all I’m saying, hey your points were valid and perhaps Cutler isn’t the answer but the offense is still lacking and needs attention. I also saw the ESPN show with Dilfer, Edwards and crew sizing up the situation, remember last year pretty much everybody thought Pennington was just gonna wash out with the ‘fins and he did really well, who knows how’ll Cutler would perform analasis is as good as the economic crisis were facing, unstable. And if Ryan is smart, he should know from experience that defense alone won’t get you their a la Ravens, the year they won they were good in both ends of the field. Who you think they should pick at 17??

  • Brad

    Oh, believe me, if you look back at my posts from last year I was begging the Jets to keep Pennington. I was killing them for releasing him after they finally provided him with an O-line and some weapons. What are ya gonna do?

    As far as the draft is concerned, I think the Jets are in position to draft the best player on their board. I don’t think they need to chase a WR at that spot though I do like Maclin, Harvin and a little lesser Heyward-Bey. Luckily this draft is super deep at the WR position, so there will still be some there in the second. I keep hearing Josh Freeman as the pick, but I’m not sold on him either. Tannenbaum has done a nice job so far, so I’ll have faith in his draft judgement. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some movement on both day 1 & 2.

  • lmxjetsxct

    Analyze the ridiculousness of the following point, and I quote:

    “They need to use their draft picks to build towards the future. Cutler’s a good QB and will be for a long time.”

    If Cutler is destined to be this amazing QB for a long time, why wouldn’t the Jets want to use him and build the rest of the team, which they’ve clearly already have done with the impressive defensive trades? On stats alone Cutler is more than qualified to lead this team to numerous certain victories. He’s a talented young QB that would prove a vital asset to the Jets’ future, especially with the rest of the offensive and defense backing him up.

  • Brad

    If you continue to read that statement, you would see that the reasoning is because this is a bad system for him. I said numerous times through comments that this team is build for Defense and Running while Cutler is a gunslinger. He needs to chuck the ball around the field. He had to shoulder the load & Vanderbilt and with the Broncos. Do you think he’s going to come to NY and play the conservative, game manager the Jets are looking for?

    The bottom line is if you want to build a downfield throwing attack, you don’t bring in Rex Ryan and all these former Ravens. Doesn’t make sense otherwise. I guess I should’ve put that in the blog, my bad.

  • lmxjetsxct

    Brad you make a very good point. I understand where you are coming from with the whole gunslinger thing. I guess I’m just really nervous about bringing in a second or third string QB or even a rookie (even though Flacco and Ryan have proven that, that shouldn’t be an issue)to start. I mean what good are all these new defense players and Rex Ryan if we don’t have a QB who can take the Jets down the field and make TD passes when we need them? I still don’t think we can put all our eggs in the running game basket, however, maybe Cutler isn’t the best choice after all.

  • Ed

    The 98 Broncos had good defense an insane running game with Terrell Davis and a gunslinger with Elway, The Jets can do the same, why try to limit the team on just the running game when we got a chance to address the QB position which we currently lack. Can we really afford to waste another year if neither of the 3 QB’s pan out?

  • Brad

    Excellent point Ed. That’s the exact point I made all last year when the Jets were going after Favre. Elway was the exception to the rule. If you look at those Broncos, Elway reformed his game from his early years and became a game manager. For the first time in his career he was checking down and throwing the ball away. He became a QB with the arm strength of a gunslinger, but the mentality of a game manager. Terrell Davis and the Broncos offensive line were the key. The Jets could do a similar thing, but not the way Cutler plays. If you could tell me someone could reform his game the way Elway did at the end of his career, I’d be on board. The fact remains Cutler grew up a Favre fan, and has molded his game after him. Favre had the talent of many of his Packer teams to win multiple championships, and due to his refusal to trust his teammates in critical situations, he forced them into a whole lot of almosts….

    Believe me, I see what your both saying, and a piece of me agrees. I’m just not sure which player we would get, and to be honest, if I would’ve had to root for the Packers for the past 15 years with all the head scratching they’ve done for such a talented group I would’ve been going nuts. Granted I’ve been spending that time going nuts over a crappy team, but I’m hoping this time will be different.

    Believe me, I would rather have the Elways Broncos of blowout losses in the SB, for some rings at the end. It just seems this NFL is different. With Free Agency and an uncapped league in the future, I don’t know that anyone will be able to hold on to players for that long. With that said, I don’t know if Cutler has the game for a championship in the near future. There’s a reason Big Ben has 2 and Brady has 3. They check down and limit mistakes. They’ve had solid running games and great defenses. I definitely see your guys points though, it’s a very subjective arguement. The guy is young and if coachable, could change. It’s up to management to make that decision now. I hope it’s the right one for all our sakes.