Another Ugly Win will do...

These guys are the heartbreak kids… It’s amazing that they could have a turnover machine at the QB position and still get the job done. This Sunday’s game against the Bills should not have been close with the dominating performance the defense put on, but of course Brett Favre threw another pick 6 with a 12 point lead while their only need was to not turn the ball over.

I’m also wondering what kind of coaching Brett is getting here. Is it the coaches fault for not benching him, or is it management’s fault for bringing him in?

It’s funny that Chad Pennington can head down to Miami and learn their playbook in 1 week, but Brett Favre still has a tough time with the Jets playbook in Week 10.

Look, those of us who’ve followed this squad closely knew this was a bad move, but hopefully they are able to put it together in support of Favre. Here’s the deal, Thomas Jones was averaging 6.6 yards per carry when the Jets were throwing the ball on 1st down with a two possession lead… I was at a bar full of Jets Fans who were all begging the Jets to run the ball in that spot because no one has faith in Favre. Within seconds the entire place erupted in a sigh of pain because Favre once again put the Jets in position to lose, instead of leading them to a win. That is a huge problem!!!

The leaders on this team… including Capt. Favre, need to realize that this team needs to rely on the running game, defense and special teams if they want a chance at #1 making the playoffs, and #2, going anywhere once they get there.

I wish my glass was half full more often, but it’s obvious this team is so talented that they will win another 10 games because of their weak schedule. They are better than previous Jets 10 win squads, and they are better than last year’s 10 win Browns. Favre is the Achilles heal. As soon as he gets his act together this team could be great, I just hope it happens. We all love this team, I just hope Brett and his Packer Yellow shoulder pads are as committed as the rest of us… but I highly doubt it.

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