Prediction: Brett Will Be A Jet

Here we go. The confirmation we’ve all been waiting for. This just out on ESPN and I’m predicting Brett Favre will be a New York Jet before the summer is over. If he comes here he will make the Jets an instant Super Bowl contender and no matter how many lousy NY Sports beat writers say it ain’t happening the team will not dismiss this without exploring. The Packers would love to deal Favre out of the NFC and the Jets are the PERFECT fit.

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  • Brad Cotter

    The Packers would love to send Farve to the Jets because they know he would fail. The Jets would love to have him because they could pay for the new stadium with all the time we’d all be spending watching this train wreck. I have to respectively disagree… There couldn’t be a worse fit in the league. He doesn’t know the offense, the players, or the coaching staff and you expect me to believe this guy who’s been an interception machine over the past 5 years is gonna come to the Jets and bring them to a Superbowl. That’s not the identity the staff is trying to create here. They are trying to manage the game by running the ball and playing defense, like every other Superbowl champ has done except for maybe the Rams (greatest show on turf squad). Farve is a mistake… the Packers want a 1st round pick for a guy who has lost as many games with his bad decisions as he’s won with his gunslinging attitude. I’m a big Farve fan, in a west coast offense in a small market… not NY… It’s a mistake, and i hope Jets fans stop buying into this nonsense. Mortage a 1st round pick next year for a 38 year old whose proven he hasn’t come through in a big game in years. I’m sorry, he’s a hall of famer, but he needs to be in a situation where he’s “the guy” not “part of a team” like Mangini is trying to build off the Patroits mold. I hope the Jets fans that disagree take a step back and realize what they are saying. Look back at the stats, look at how frustrated the Packer fans have been in 6 of the last 7 years with Farve. And now they are choosing the human injury in Aaron Rodgers over their savior in Farve??? Why??? Because their sick of his shiz… don’t believe they just want to give Rodgers a chance??? That’s a bunch of crap. If they thought Farve would lead them to a SuperBowl, he’d be in uniform for them this year. 100 percent!

  • Brad Cotter

    What’s up guys, I guess there are more people wanted Farve in NY than I thought. Here’s a link from this morning’s NY Post if you wanted to check it out!

    Just so you know, I’m not a Farve hater and i’ll be rooting for him as loud as anyone if he ends up behind center, I just don’t want them to pay the steep asking price for him, ya know!

    Anyway, anything that will help us get bast the Pats is cool with me!!! Yanks beat Boston last night in Fenway and it feels Oh So Good!!!

  • Brad Cotter

    OK, Newark Star Ledger just came out with a report that the Jets would not be interested in Farve and that it was a stunt by the Farve camp. Now I’m happy, though knowing the Jets they could still do something stupid like give up a 1 or 2. If we could get Farve for a 3rd rounder, I’d reconsider my stance, but they’ll never go for that. GO PENNINGTON!!!

  • Brad Cotter

    I’m going to start the Pennington for President movement… He’s a guy we can all get behind and root for!!! He’s a good guy, the classic hardworking underdog… Let’s go Jets fans, stop shizzing on this guy and realize he’s pretty damn good when healthy… don’t believe the media hype… this guy can get it done… No one in this city believed in Eli until after he won the Superbowl… Let’s give Chad one more shot with a new line, running game, and defense… And where are all the Jets fans, am I the only one who checks this site????

  • Brad Cotter

    It seems like I’m talking to myself, but I’m going to post this anyway… Craig Carton of the FAN (WFAN) showed up @ Training camp with a BullHorn chanting Farve’s name!!! Way to go Craig, way to give our QB’s a vote of confidence… It’s obvious Craig is a Pats fan, because we all know Brett’s not on his way to NY… Why not call for the rest of the guys jobs!!! Way to be supportive before the season even starts… What a boob!!!