Let Jets Get Brett

As training camp looms on the horizon and the battle for the New York Jets starting quarterback job stands as the top prize here is one interesting twist: What if Brett Favre were a free agent? I am a fan of both both let’s face it, Chad Pennington versus Kellen Clemens ain’t exactly Ali-Frazier. If Brett Favre is available he should finish his career where he came thisclose to starting it…as a New York Jet. I make that move in a heartbeat because that has to make this team incredibly dangerous overnight at the cost of just a free agent contract.

As always, the underwhelming and overrated Pete Prisco offers his scientific analysis on postion battles and this time focuses on the AFC East heading into training camp. check out this in-depth scouting report. You’ll be sorry you did.

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    Would I like to take Favre as a fan? Yes, it would serve as some type of ‘karma’ considering he was taken in the 91′ draft by Atlanta right before New York …. However seeing things through the big picture, there are two problems; One: If he only plays a few more years it would be like ‘win now’ things for New York then they would have to worry for the future and I think Mangini at least wants to secure at least one QB who knows what he is doing and Second: With Pennington, Clemens, Ainge and Ratliff on the roster where is room for Brett? It isn’t like we don’t have a good QB, we just don’t have one who knows how to use their skills very well; like Clemens big arm but, lousy accuracy …. While it would be nice in the short term you have to think about things in the long run plus every other team is out there trying to take him, so it would make things hard and let’s not also forget New York already spent a fortune.